Vastu For Home
Home is where we retreat to rest, relax and rejuvenate. It shelters our family and nurtures a sense of contentment, even amid the liveliness of an active lifestyle. If recurring health issues or chronic worries occupy a home, it may indicate the need to correct an imbalance. Like swimming against the current, natural strength becomes depleted against a greater natural force.

Residential | site selection, pre-construction advice & post-construction remedies
Rental Property | landlords & tenants
By Room | kitchen, bath, bedroom, windows & doors, staircase, study, garage
Home Office
Exterior | garden, garage, pools, decks, septic, landscaping
Vastu For Business
For many, a large part of daylight hours are spent in a work environment: office, warehouse, retail or restaurant. Clear thinking, consistent energy and sustained calm are influenced by the surroundings. To encourage greater productivity (and prosperity), a vastu consultant offers detailed actions to enhance and encourage positive energy flow.

Commercial | site selection, structure & pre-construction advice, post-construction remedies
Offices & Shops
Businesses | banking & insurance, malls & movie theatres, factories & industries, party & wedding halls, hospitals & medical facilities, hotels & restaurants, schools & institutions, showrooms

Complete Vastu Audit Services
What we offer to enhance your environment

What we offer to enhance your environment

We service residential homes-new or existing projects -USA Nationwide

We service commercial and Industrial-new or existing projects-USA Nationwide

Our vastu analysis services are available at cost-efficient prices and guarantee complete customer satisfaction.   

Real Vastu Living Design and Architectural Consulting:

Take advantage of Real vastu concept a system of holistic vastu design for your home/building using technologies, methods and products which not only protect your health and the world around you, but actually enhance the spiritual, emotional, and mental quality of your daily experience.

You accomplish this by literally living in harmony with universal energies and with nature of science in play the results are greatly effective .

We offer Vastu Design Services and provide any of the following:

We provide expert vastu energy analysis and our providers have expertise in analysing & quantifying the energy levels of various built environments within residential/industrial /* commercial site:
such as homes ,factories buildings, industrial/*commercial sites- main buildings and  auxiliary buildings, warehouses, theaters, hospitals, educational institutions, stadiums, hotels, resorts, shopping malls, multiplex and all types of sky scrapers.and include  orientation of men, machines, materials & money.  

Initial review – Vastu Consultation of a plot of land and an existing house or proposed house plan.Depending on the location, we may provide on site consultation, complete building design and layout, construction management, and/or project inspection services.

Vastu architectural design -We offer pre-purchase, site planning, design/building, and other applicable planning services.Includes client consultations, initial drawings, plans and elevations, completed construction documentation.

If you are planning to construct new structure, we can study the land, layout, floor plan and advise changes to align with nature. We will suggest the correction so that intensity of misfortune and miseries could be avoided , prevented or reduced to certain extent.

If you are interested in owning home or apartment,we help you through out at every stage of selection process

Vastu Site and L ayout—When it is not practical for us to handle t he construction of your project, we offer training for and Coordinate with your builder or architect. This is of primary value. Only a builder with a foundational understanding of Vastu, is prepared to follow through with these principles.

Design Consultation- We work with your architect or builder for your building Design per Vastu norms.On-site work on commercial or home vastu architecture project for 4-10 days. At the end we will have a design solution for you.

Design Documentation-We also have Standard Vastu design and construction documents for new buildings /proposed projects.

Rectification- of existing structures means recommending adjustments to existing structures to make them more in harmony with universal energy and more supportive of positive life experiences.

Furniture design- and overall placement of various objects within your built environment home or office for harmonising with elements of nature within each room.

Lansdcaping per vastu Principles and exterior Designs and placements

We emphasize practical, healthful, environmentally supportive, non-toxic building materials and methods.

We design,assist, advise, and provide training in all categories of construction, pre-construction and post construction, as per Vaastu

*Commercial/Industrial services include :

To start an industry/business

  • Selecting prosperous industrial land.
  • Expansion and diversification
  • Improving business performance.
  • Reviving sick units
  • Earlier and smooth disposal of unwanted factories etc.........

About Remedies:

Please note that as of now, we do not sell any kind of charged objects for the Vastu remedies as may be applicable in a case .If a vastu audit case calls for the need of such altars or objects, then we can suggest you different sources from where you can get these chargers or we can help you  get them using the same channels.Most of the scientific objects can be now be easily found in the market ,like copper wires,mirrors,pyramids and crystal balls etc and you can invest the amount depending on your budget , but please remember that however the asthetic looks and style may differ but scientific effect of these chargers will be the same as long as they are exact as per our suggestions when it comes to thickness,dimensions ,shape ,size and exactly applied as per our suggested prescription.  


Please note that , Fengshui dcotrine has many protectors and remedies but they should be only used under caution and control and as suggested.if they don’t fit our culture,your temperament,your spirit or your home, it is best that we avoid them altogether.Pls note that using any altars carelessly may not give any effect or may give negative effects as found in most of the cases where people have gone ahead and applied the theories themselves using the internet sources or a friends advice..We suggest that if things are going great guns for you, it may be counter-productive to make unnecessary changes,embellishments and additons without reason may only boomerang.

Remedy Cures: 

*The effects of Vastu cures will depend on the basis of which the defect was taken careoff.If the magnitude of defect was huge and it was remedied then the results will be instant.But if vastu was just used to enhance the change in life, the effect of the solutions could be anywhere from 30days to few months.

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Fengshui Concepts on Life elements

Fengshui Concepts on Life elements

Water -Water as in trickling fountain, can signal networking, communication, professional opportunities and wealth, while running sink or toilet water that is just wasting water may signal loss of money or poor health. Wood promotes development and creative energies. Metal elements are transmitters or conduct energy, introduction of metal can generate attention and transmit energy to that area. The Earth itself has solidity and permanence to it, and the element of earth appropriately represents these qualities of stability, permanence, and home. This can be necessary in a space that is too full of movement. The element of Fire is considered the most powerful of all five elements and represents energy and passion
Vastu Science and Elements of Nature

Vastu Science and Elements of Nature

Space: Cosmic radiation,Air: Wind Energy,Fire: Solar radiation,Water: Gravitational attraction of the earth,Earth: Magnetic field of the earth. Vastu is the chain between man and nature. Everything is made up of basic five elements – FIRE, WATER, EARTH, SPACE, and AIR. Our planet has life because of the presence of these five elements. Each of the elements corresponds to a natural force that affects our lives. Our ascendants were great scientists and they understood the effects of the natural forces on the lives of human being.