Vastu For Home
Home is where we retreat to rest, relax and rejuvenate. It shelters our family and nurtures a sense of contentment, even amid the liveliness of an active lifestyle. If recurring health issues or chronic worries occupy a home, it may indicate the need to correct an imbalance. Like swimming against the current, natural strength becomes depleted against a greater natural force.

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For many, a large part of daylight hours are spent in a work environment: office, warehouse, retail or restaurant. Clear thinking, consistent energy and sustained calm are influenced by the surroundings. To encourage greater productivity (and prosperity), a vastu consultant offers detailed actions to enhance and encourage positive energy flow.

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Information on Vastu and allied sciences
How Vastu Science works !

How Vastu Science works !

At an energetic level, your home is a living, vibrating energy in a vast unified field of energy. Every element within that home is made of energy that resonates to a certain frequency that creates a flow of energy in your life.

Everything in a home including the floor plan, the furniture, the materials and colors used, the artwork placed--all influences the flow of active and passive energy in the Quantum field. This flow establishes waves of Qi energy. Because an environment is a flow of living energy, you could say that a home has a consciousness, and creates brainwaves. These waves act much like the brainwaves produced by your own thinking processes.
Your thoughts create brain waves and your life is the result of the ranges of brain waves you habitually create with your thoughts. Similarly, the results you experience in life are either stifled or enhanced by the brainwave energy fields established in your environment.
There are typically four ranges of brain waves that researchers examine. These are beta, alpha, theta and delta brainwave frequency ranges. Beta frequencies are short, discrete waves associated with the outwardly directed intention of our five physical senses and conscious rational thinking. Alpha frequencies are longer brainwaves associated with stress release, relaxed awareness, and increased learning abilities. Theta waves are longer, slower brainwaves and give you access to expanded inner senses, effortless learning and feelings of inner calm. Delta waves are the longest, slowest brainwaves associated with access to the most remarkable of human resources including intuition, insight, inspiration, innovation, creativity, and the reverie that connects us with the unlimited intelligence of our genius self.
The energy of your thoughts and emotions interact with the energy of your environment to influence each other in powerful ways.
For instance, when your home is in chaos, cluttered in every room, with dingy walls, no curtains and no coziness, or filled with depressing or violent images, dead flowers and piles of papers, your home is in a beta state.
Your brainwaves react to this environmental beta field and respond at this level of thinking and emotions.  Your brain becomes very outwardly directed, limited to knowing only what you see rather than what is possible, and extremely limited in its access to the deeply creative parts of you.
You feel like a victim, without support, overwhelmed, or perhaps depressed. You feel like your luck is all bad, like you're struggling uphill and against the wind. In this state it is very difficult or impossible to create what you want.
The moment you start to create new space by decluttering and cleaning up and bringing in colors and uplifting images, you will start getting out of the beta energy waves and begin moving into alpha brainwaves.
A primary purpose of Real Vastu Living practises  is to create a big increase of alpha brainwaves in your thinking and in your home by activating your queen or king position. We accomplish this by enhancing your four best personal directions. As a result you attract more of the tremendous power available to you flowing in as a good fortune in your career, relationships, health and spiritual growth. You feel more empowered.
When you change your state of mind, you attract more positive situations in your life. The same thing happens when you change your environment. The change in the state of mind in your home helps you attract more positive opportunities in your life. If you change both your personal and your home's energetic state, you work on two energetic levels at the same time. Because your energy field interacts with that of your home, you can change your life and level of happiness by changing your environment.

Origination of Vastu Science

Origination of Vastu Science

VASTU SHASTRA an ancient art and natural science, which was practiced by our ancient sages  has been originated from sacred texts of the “HINDU VEDAS”. Vastu , the vedic study of architecture comes from the ancient veda the “Atharvaveda”  These Vedic texts has records of the vibrations of energies surrounding us , or the laws, of nature" and it's according to these vibrations, that the ancients built their buildings.Though this art is much ancient of about 8000 years old in comparison with other occult science  , it was extensively practiced when constructing house or selecting a plot .

Infact ,in back olden times, people were relying on the elements of nature to fulfill all their basic needs. For example, sun for light & heat, win for cool breeze, rivers & rain for water and fire for heat protection. Therefore, the principles of the building science created during those days were based on the effects of different elements of nature on our body and mind.

Vastu science comes from the same books of honour “ THE VEDAS” just as the doctrine of the first medicine the Ayurveda which originated from Rig veda and the principles and techniques of Yoga /meditation which came from the Upanishads .All these texts are thousands of years old and predate any other known written information pertaining to all things that exist within our world and the universe.

These ancient texts of Vastu Shastra have probably claimed to bring prosperity, as an indirect consequence of being able to perform well at home and work..

Vastu Science is  a trendy science that help us take all the benefits of the ancient green vedic life while living green which is the need of time in the modern world.This wisdom is timeless and pertinent in our fast-living world today.Understanding and using it can help us lead healthier, happier lives.

Principles of Vastu Science

Principles of Vastu Science

The principles of vastu were obviously formulated keeping in view, the cosmic influence of the sun, its Light and heat, solar energy, the directions of wind, the moon position, the earth's magnetic field and the influence of cosmos on our planet. The vaastu influence on any type of building and on human beings is like the cosmic influence of the sun (solar system) on our echo-system.

The system is an admixture of science, astronomy;it is covered with the influence of the sun, moonlight and heat, the earth's atmosphere, wind direction, magnetic field and gravitation force on human beings. It gives practical guidelines on site selection, its contouring level, orientation of the building in relation to the climatologic and micro weather, arrangements of areas/rooms in relation to the different activities of the proposed building, their proportions as well as rituals for successive stages of house building.

Benefits and Importance of Vastu Science

Benefits and Importance of Vastu Science

Vastu Shastra benefis everyone. This science touches every aspect of human life.

Vastu homes offer a healthy and a secure life for the housewife, a protection from emotional traumas and a meaningful existence for her self, her husband and her children. A family will have good income, great social and personal life, recognition in professional fields, and a strong family bond.

Vastu can be used by the Corporate world to enhance their employees' productivity and increase their sales and productivity.

Even finances. Finances are highly sensitive to Vastu changes, and it is possible to manipulate buildings designs to ensure healthy financial conditions.

Of particular interest would be the application of Vastu principles in designing the layouts of industries. Industries are highly susceptible to Vastu faults. The reason is obvious: they are exposed to heavy loads of machinery, raw material and finished goods, brute mechanical action of the machines like cutting, piercing, shearing, drilling, bending, high to very high temperatures of furnaces, heat treatment plants, welding activities, movement of heavy vehicles, goods, people etc.

Current Scenario-Vastu Science

Current Scenario-Vastu Science

In today's idea, Vastu seems to be a term that is used to imply prestige. Every home that adheres to the vastu-shastra happens to be respected and thought highly of. It is also a popular belief that only homes with the correct Vastu can be prosperous and happiness-filled, without any troubles

Vastu Shastra principles have been in practiced in India for several centuries, and it is a matter of observation that when correctly applied, the Vastu principles have been found to deliver excellent results. Even today they are as relevant as they were centuries ago.\

Indian Vastu Shastra is a perfect knowledge of geography, direction, environment, and physics. It is essentially the art of placing the correct settings within a built environment in a manner that yields the maximum benefits. Vastu shastra gives a good sign and good results when the positive energies are found. Hence, Indian Vastu Shastra goes a long way in understanding the effects and benefits and when they are followed with right notion, success follows every person

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Vastu Science and FengShui Methods

Vastu Science and FengShui Methods

Vastu science takes the position that if the space is built according to Vastu principles, then good health/fortune will be had regardless of the belief. Vastu is one of the most ancient sciences of Indian architecture and is composed of specific rules, regulations and directions, set down by sages of the vedic times. For the modern society it is the highly evolved, comprehensive building philosophy. Vastu Shastra/science cannot be directly linked with prosperity. It only suggests ways in which we can live in tune with the laws of nature so that we can be healthy and peaceful and work efficiently.

Vastushastra is not merely an ancient old practice. It has a profound scientific and logical base, which makes it immensely popular even in the modern times. Not only in India, clients from all across the world rely on remedies of vastu shastra

Feng Shui traditions state that the person's intentions, emotions and activities play a part in their fortunes/health.

Common factor Vastu science and Feng shui belief

In BOTH traditions, proportion is important. Your own space, surrounding buildings/landscaping...all come into play to ensure proper energy flow.BOTH are also concerned with the surrounding influences of the neighborhood-neighboring homes, noise, landscaping, water features

In both the concepts, 'Chi' is the subtle flow of electromagnetic energy which links all things in the universe. Buildings alter the flow of energy. The design and interior decoration of a building should enhance the kind of chi energy so that the occupants enjoy the maximum benefits.

About Vastu Shastra/Science

About Vastu Shastra/Science

About Vastu Science:

The word 'Vastu' was originated from the term 'VASTOSHPATI' the term used in the Hindu Veda the  “Atharvaveda” and it refers “to render happiness, prosperity and protection in life and after death too”.

Vastu is a Sanskrit word which means really existing or perpetual substance or quintessence Vastu or Vaastu is an ancient Vedic science/philosophy. Vaastu in Sanskrit means nature, a surrounding or environment. The word "Vasthu" came from Vasthu, denoting anything existing such as house, shelter, building etc. Shastra in Sanskrit means systems. Vaastu Shastra is a study that dictates the form size and orientation of a building, in relation to the plot, soil, surroundings and the personality of the owner.

In todays scenario, Vastu Shastra is the first “green” living science. Vastu helps us recognize the powerful influence our work and living surroundings have upon us. According to vastu science , a building or a premises is a living organism and can be designed in harmonic resonance with the underlying energy structure of the universe.

The concept of vastu science helps us properly align our built environment by establishing an appropriate balance between the elements of nature .Vastu science helps to strike a deep balance between various forms of energies vibrating around us within our built environment .As all the elements surrounding us , can have both positive and negative use and effects, Vaastu science helps us to keeps these negative and positive energies in balance.

Following some of the simple steps and basic rules of living the vastu way, can completely balance the energies by changing the kind of vibrations around us within our built environment whether at home or at the work place.Vastu Science aims to create a subtle conducive atmosphere by driving more positive energy in a structure in which we can bring the best in ourselves, thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment. It tells us how to avoid diseases and disasters in life that are largely initiated by the negative energy surrounding us.

Vastu Science bestows upon us, all four types of happiness namely:

-Rightful living, “Dharma"

-Happiness in money matter, "Artha".

-Fulfillment of all desires, "Kama"

-Attain divinity, "Moksa"

Which are the main principles of the Ancient Vedas.

When our surroundings are clean, with no signs of pollution, it reflects on our well-being as well. An inlet of abundant fresh air, sunlight, pure water is the most important aspect that needs to be considered when we talk about Vastu.These changes not only help to strengthen the environment around us whether at home or at the place where we service but also helps  to improve the quality of our life with further enhancement to all chances of success in our lifetime.

About Feng Shui Practise:

Feng shui (say "fung shway"), often called the art of placement, could just as accurately be called "the art of flow." This ancient Chinese practice, literally translated as "wind" and "water," aims to maximize the beneficial movement of chi-the universal life force present in all things-through an environment.

Just as fresh air and clean water nourish our bodies, so does fresh, clean chi nourish our homes and our lives. When the flow of chi through our space is blocked, weak, or misdirected, our relationships, cash flow, creativity, health, and career can suffer. Chi wants to meander gracefully through a space, like a gentle breeze or a winding stream. When it flows too strongly, it becomes like a hurricane or flood. We are likely to feel tossed about by winds of change, unstable, prone to crises, struggling to "keep our heads above water." Where chi is blocked it becomes stale and stagnant, like a pond choked with algae and fallen leaves. We may feel tired, run down, depressed, unable to focus, hampered in our efforts to move forward in our lives.

In a corporate environment, poor feng shui can result in miscommunication between managers and employees, conflicts among team members, and lack of support for key initiatives. Individuals may be overlooked for promotions or deserved raises, suffer damage to their reputation in the company, or even lose their job. The company may have difficulty attracting or keeping key customers.

In a retail store, feng shui problems can block the flow of customers into and through the store, contribute to theft and staffing problems, and have a negative effect on the amount and size of sales.

Feng shui provides tools and guidelines for analyzing and correcting the flow of energy into and through our space. It uses the arrangement of rooms and the placement of furniture to create a smooth pathway for chi through a home, office, or retail location. Blockages and other forms of negative chi are removed or counteracted in order to welcome in opportunities and encourage progress. Colors and shapes associated with the five elements-wood, fire, earth, metal, and water-are used to create movement, balance, or protection, depending on the needs of the client. Imagery and objects such as paintings, photographs, statuary and other accessories are chosen and placed to enhance and reinforce the client's intention.

Feng Shui reminds us that everything is connected, and that our physical surroundings have a significant impact on our mind, body, and spirit. It teaches us to be mindful caretakers of our environments, so that we may be mindful caretakers of our lives. 

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Fengshui Concepts on Life elements

Fengshui Concepts on Life elements

Water -Water as in trickling fountain, can signal networking, communication, professional opportunities and wealth, while running sink or toilet water that is just wasting water may signal loss of money or poor health. Wood promotes development and creative energies. Metal elements are transmitters or conduct energy, introduction of metal can generate attention and transmit energy to that area. The Earth itself has solidity and permanence to it, and the element of earth appropriately represents these qualities of stability, permanence, and home. This can be necessary in a space that is too full of movement. The element of Fire is considered the most powerful of all five elements and represents energy and passion
Vastu Science and Elements of Nature

Vastu Science and Elements of Nature

Space: Cosmic radiation,Air: Wind Energy,Fire: Solar radiation,Water: Gravitational attraction of the earth,Earth: Magnetic field of the earth. Vastu is the chain between man and nature. Everything is made up of basic five elements – FIRE, WATER, EARTH, SPACE, and AIR. Our planet has life because of the presence of these five elements. Each of the elements corresponds to a natural force that affects our lives. Our ascendants were great scientists and they understood the effects of the natural forces on the lives of human being.