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Home is where we retreat to rest, relax and rejuvenate. It shelters our family and nurtures a sense of contentment, even amid the liveliness of an active lifestyle. If recurring health issues or chronic worries occupy a home, it may indicate the need to correct an imbalance. Like swimming against the current, natural strength becomes depleted against a greater natural force.

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For many, a large part of daylight hours are spent in a work environment: office, warehouse, retail or restaurant. Clear thinking, consistent energy and sustained calm are influenced by the surroundings. To encourage greater productivity (and prosperity), a vastu consultant offers detailed actions to enhance and encourage positive energy flow.

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List of personal problems -Vastu Science resolves
Personal Problems that Vastu Science can resolve

Personal Problems that Vastu Science can resolve

 Personal Problems:

If you have undergone or are undergoing any of the mentioned sufferings this may be just due to the house you live in.


1.    Premature abortions.

2.    Failure to conceive, in spite of the fact that medical test shows there is nothing organically wrong.

3.    Woman failing to motherhood.

4.    Frequent sickness.

5.    Female sick.

6.    Paralysis of female member.

7.    Abdominal organs problem for males.

8.    Problems related to respiratory system Asthma.

9.    Problems connected to the organs of head/ neck.

10.  Problems related to digestive system.

11.  Problems related to circulatory system, heart problems.

12.  Cerebral illness.

13.  Abnormality.

14.  Restless sleep.

15.  Loss of mental peace, mental stress.

16.  Nervous disorders.

17.  Cancer.

18.  Health problem of the elderly.

Money matter

19.  Lost all money

20.  Failure in all venture initiated.

21.  Never ending poverty in spite of all efforts.

22.  No financial progress in next generation.

23.  Heavy loss in business

24.  Poverty.

25.  No economical/ financial progress/ monetary distress.

26.  Losing money in business.

27.  Partnership problem.

28.  Un-necessary expenses.

29.  Hasty decisions.


30.  Son stop studies halfway.

31.  Insolent female children hard to disciple and control.

32.  Son move away from home.

33.  Education of children affected.

34.  Unsatisfactory academicals performance of youngster.

35.  Education of male children affected.

36.  Son finds difficult to settle in career.

37.  Children (male/female) turn against parents

39.  Girl’s marriage against wishes of parents


40.  Separation of family

41.  Children abandon old parents in old age

42.  No peace in the home.

43.  Lack of affection to parents.

44.  Miserable family on all fronts.

45.  Runaways.

46.  Errant family members.

47.  Lack of compassion.

48.  Unhappy family strained relationship with other family members.

49.  Short tempered male.

50.  Decreasing attachment between family members.

51.  Difficulties in finding life partner.

52.  Husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend repeatedly distracted or goes away.

53.  Problematic or unsatisfied sex life.

54.  Divorce or separation of husband and wife


55.  Frustration in Career

56.  Denied promotional opportunities.

57.  Officially disliked

58.  Transfers.

59.  Humiliation

60.  Harassment.

61.  Repeated loss of face.


62.  Repeated minor accidents

63.  Accident to male/female requiring surgery.

64.  Debilitating accidents.

65.  Thefts

66.  Fire


67.  Only female or only male children are born.

68.  Still born male baby.


69.  Premature death of Husband or Wife or any other family member.

70.  Death of husband/wife due to circulatory system problem.

71.  Son’s death precedes father.

72.  Death of son in young age.

73.  Death of male member in middle age

74.  Death of senior male member due to heart attack.


75.  Unrelated legal problems, court case, litigations, political and governmental harassments.